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How to auto start windows programs on windows start up

If you want some Windows program to auto start on Windows start up, then you can easily do so. Some software will have auto start configurations which you may enable or disable during the software installation. Some software would have options to set in the software configuration or preferences. But some software may not have any configuration where you can enable or disable. In that case, you can manually let the program auto start on Windows start up.

How to add AddThis Social Media sharing tools to Drupal site?

How to add Social Media Share Buttons on Drupal Website

If you own a blog or website, Social Media sharing tools are must-have these days as one cannot ignore tons of users on Social Media. Most internet users nowadays have Social Media account be it Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or any other social media platforms. And as a blogger or owners of websites, we cannot ignore the fact that our visitors may be willing to share content from our website and blog to Social Media platforms. So, if we place Social Media sharing tools on our blogs or websites for users to use, it is free promotion for publishers. There are tons of potential for traffic through Social Media platforms. So it is very important that Social Media tools are added to websites and blogs.

Computer DIY : Replacing Faulty Wi Fi Card on Laptop


If your laptop's Wi-Fi is no longer working, then you might have to replace it. It is something you can totally do it yourself instead of taking it to a technician provided you get the right replacement part.  But before you jump on it make sure that it is really faulty. In this post, we shall see some basic checks to see if the Wi-Fi card is faulty. A short demo video is also included on how to replace the Wi-Fi card on laptop. 

Computer DIY : Replacing Faulty Wi Fi Card on Laptop

Computer DIY: Replacing faulty LCD display flex ribbon cable on HP Pavilion DV 6 laptop

Demo video - Computer DIY: Replacing faulty display flex ribbon cable on HP Pavilion DV 6 laptop


When you have a problem with your laptop's display, the problem could be with the LCD display panel or with the flex cable that connects the LCD display to the motherboard. If the display is flickering randomly, it could be the cable issue or loose connection. You may disassemble and try re-seating the cable on the contacts on the motherboard and the LCD display. Also you might need to inspect the LCD Flex ribbon cable and see if there are any wear and tear.

Computer DIY: Replacing faulty keyboard on Dell Vostro 1014

If there is a problem with your laptop keyboard, then you might have to replace it. In some cases, it might just be because of stuck keys. In which case, you can carefully try to resolve the problem by removing the disturbance that is causing the key to stick. In some cases, it may be because of poor contact on the motherboard due to particle deposits on the contacts. In such cases, you would need to remove the keyboard completely and clean the contacts of the keyboard that attaches to the motherboard. You can use some alcohol based solution to clean the contacts. Or an eraser to rub of dirt from the contacts. 
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