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How to resolve duplicate music files, folders and refresh music on MIUI stock music player?

duplicate music files song history issue miui redmi phone
Are there duplicate music files and folders on the MIUI Stock Music Player? Are the music files same even after removing the SD Card where the music files are actually stored? Then we have experienced the same problem.

Recently I encountered the following issues on MI Redmi Note 3 -

1) There are duplicate music folders with the same number of music files in each of the folders
2) Even after removing the SD Card, and rebooting, the MIUI stock music player has the same list of music files and folders. But then attempting to play, it displayed file is not supported or corrupted. The issue is due to cache data. And unfortunately, there is no options in the music player settings to refresh the music files and folders.

How to resolve the duplicate music files issue on MIUI Redmi Android Phone and how to refresh the song and folders?

How to create sliders in Drupal 7 using Views Slideshow?

How to create sliders in Drupal 7 using Views Slideshow
Sliders or Slideshows are dynamic elements usually displayed in home page of websites. Usually with a catchy background image and phrases, they grab attention. They are great additions to any websites to add more aesthetics to websites. Since they are dynamic, websites look more grand and alive. They can also be used to display important content and graphics to engage with visitors. And though sliders are not so good in terms of making websites easily accessible on mobiles over data network due to higher load times, it has still become a standard web design layout.

In this post we shall discuss how to create testimonial sliders in Drupal 7 using Views Slideshow. Though the usual sliders we see are catchy background images with catchy phrases, sliders are not only meant for images. They can be any thing, almost. We can also display text such as testimonials, images, quotes etc.

Website not accessible? How to resolve "Server not found" issues when attempting to browse sites?

How to resolve "Server not found" issues when attempting to browse sites
While attempting to browse some sites, we sometimes encounter the error "Server not found". For example, while attempting to browse YouTube, a Firefox browser might through the error -
Server not found
Firefox can't find the server at ....
as shown in the image above.

How to resolve "Server not found" issues when attempting to browse sites?

Drupal: How To Set Different Front Page or Home Page For User Based on Different User Role?

Drupal How To Set Different Front Page or Home Page For User Based on Different User Role main

There may be times when we may want to direct users based on their Drupal Roles to different Front Page. For instance, we want users with administrator and content admin roles to see a dashboard, and regular users with "Authenticated User" roles to another dashboard specially designed for those users. In such cases, we want to redirect users based on their roles to different dashboard.

In this post, we shall see how to set different Front Page for users based on their user roles. Page redirection can be easily achieved by using Rules. If you don't want to do it with rules, there are modules available for setting front page for different user roles. We shall be check out two methods to set front page for different user roles - by using Rules Module and another by using "Front Page Module" from Drupal Projects.

How to make Blogger widgets visible in Blogger Mobile template (make Adsense visible in mobile template)?

In Blogger, the view on desktop computers and mobile devices are show differently. By default, the template on mobile devices are stripped down and responsive. Not all sections or widgets displayed on desktop computers are available on mobile devices. Most widgets manually added to Blogger will not be view-able on mobile devices. Adsense added from Blogger's Adsense widgets are visible however their display regions are only on the top and bottom of the page. Google Adsense code if added to the blog using Blogger HTML/JavaScript widget, it won't display on mobile devices. In order to show widgets visible only on desktop to also show on mobile devices, including Google Adsense widgets, do the following changes.

How to enable widgets to display on mobile devices?
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